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Singapore has grown to become the third-largest FX centre globally with an ecosystem that is one of the most digital and dynamic in the world. With a diverse group of market participants, the country is moving to cement its position as the major financial centre in Asia where regional economic growth meets technology and innovation, and fintech development is embraced in the marketplace. But where will the market go in the future and what does Singapore need to do to get it there? How will fintech drive competition and change the nature of FX in Asia?

Join us on 29th October 2020, for our upcoming virtual expert panel, The Singapore FX Ecosystem: Opportunity Without Boundaries, hosted by Kapronasia. This timely discussion features key industry leaders who will share their insights on how the Singapore FX ecosystem is stepping up to cement its position as the world’s leading financial centre and futurizing the FX market.

Gain exclusive insights on:

How is the Singapore FX ecosystem fostering a culture of growth and innovation in the Asian and global financial markets?
How has it expanded and transformed in recent years and where will it go in the future?
What are the driving forces behind its success and technology adoption?
How are global and regional FX players expanding their footprint in Singapore and driving competition through technology and innovation?
How does the FX trading environment in Singapore compare to London, New York and Tokyo?
Why are new market dynamics like Buyside participation and OTC trading likely to drive further expansion?

Event Details

Date: 29th October 2020 (Thursday)

Time: 10:30 - 11:30 SGT/HKT (GMT +8)
          13:30 - 14:30 AEDT (GMT +11)

Meet our experts

Zennon Kapron John Knuff Wai Kin Chan Chris Knight
Zennon Kapron
Founder and Director,
John Knuff
VP Financial Technology
Ecosystem Development,
Wai Kin Chan
Head of APAC,
Chris Knight
Head of Distribution & Liquidity Optimisation APAC,
XTX Markets

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